Payment Methods

You can choose among the following payment methods: 


All payments made by credit or debit card are safe and fully managed by the company Stripe , which is responsible for ensuring  high security standards and will secure all your card details.

We advise you to subscribe to the services Verified By Visa or Mastercard SecureCode delivered by the relative websites, which will make your online shopping experience even more safe.

Instead, choosing Paypal method, you will be directed on your Paypal personal account at the time of purchase.



Fashion Is It S.r.l uses the pre-authorization verification and guarantee system in order to check the truthfulness and economic coverage of the payment cards used by the customers at the time of purchase.

How does it work? Pre-authorization is a service that allows you to commit the payment card ceiling for an amount estimated by the merchant. This is a temporary block, or a freezing of a given amout of money, which will be collected only when we have confirmation from our suppliers/boutiques that the items are in effect available for purchase and shipment. Otherwise, the transaction will be automatically canceled and the customer won't be charged to his credit/debit card as well as to his PayPal account.

It is important to know that the pre-authorization doesn't generate bank-type assets on the customer's current account. This is not a charge, but a temporary freeze for which authorization is obtained from the reference bank or the payment circuit manager.